Giving to your Library

The Markham Public Library gratefully accepts unrestricted donations of money, personal property or real estate for the benefit of the Library as outlined by Illinois Statutes. Restricted cash donations will be considered by the Board.

The Library also accepts donations of books and other materials, with the explicit understanding that such materials will be added to the collection only if they are needed and meet the same standards of selection that apply to regular Library purchases. The Library reserves the right to utilize and/or dispose of donations gifts as it sees fit if they are not suitable for the Library's collection.



The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers  that  support the Markham Public Library.


   To stimulate public support for the Markham Public Library

     through gifts and volunteer assistance         

   To finance Library projects not possible with tax funds.

   To encourage public understanding of our Library.

   To increase the Library's usefulness to the community.

The Friends have Purchased:

   Display cases

    Prizes for summer reading programs

    Programming supplies

    Annual Lawn Beautification

Fundraising Efforts:

Used books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and more are for sale annually. 
All proceeds go to benefit the Markham Public Library.


The Friends are a volunteer group that exists to support Markham
Public Library. Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated.

Become a Member:

Are you interested in joining the Friends of the Markham Public Library, 
please contact the library.

Membership Fees:

    Individual: $5.00

    Family: $10.00

    Businesses $25.00